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Hatred and Green Vinyl

Thursday, June 30th, 2016

Hey folks, a couple of wee updates…

Firstly, our little EP Scarce Tracks has had its honourable second pressing, this time in a wonderful emerald green sort of a colour. For those in Australia and New Zealand wanting to get one, please go to our bandcamp. For those who live elsewhere, please go to Chunklet Industries’ bandcamp for a one.

Scarce Tracks green 2.jpg

Another thing that’s happening is the Metalmania/Scarce Tracks cassette release will be available in July through Melted Ice Cream in NZ. Here’s a picture of some of its parts:

Scarce Tracks tapes.jpg

Finally, it should be announced that there is a new Salad Boys album being made. Details are almost non-existent but I can tell you that 19 songs have been recorded and that the tentative title is Hatred. Here’s a video of us performing one of the new songs (titled “Storage”) live at the Canterbury Museum last month:

More updates as we have them 🙂

Many thanks, Joseph.