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Friday, January 13th, 2017

Kia ora folks, happy new year from your mates Salad Boys, once again we have arrived at the beginning of a new calendar which is fast filling up with lomticks of real exciting plans and ideas… 2016 was an unorthodox year for Salad Boys, not a lot on the gig and tour front but a hell of a lot in the recording and plotting side of things. Our other projects had more than a wee bit on the go, two New Zealand tours and a vinyl release for The Dance Asthmatics, a tour and cassette release for T54 and Ben’s group Rickshaw released this dope EP. Work on the new Salad Boys album has been near constant lately and I’m very excited to say that it’s shaping up real nice, more on that soon.

One thing that we did last year that was particularly lovely was a gig at the Isaac Theatre Royal in Christchurch. The whole gig was filmed and recorded by the generous Christchurch and you can viddy one of the songs below, which coincidently is a song we’ve tracked for the new album:

You may have viddied that there is a different person behind the drums than usual, this happens to be the wonderful Olly Crawford-Ellis (from the Transistors and Best Bets fame) who was filling in for us at the time. Our new new fill in is going to be the equally superb Matt Scobie from The Hatemen and Richard James fame, together with whom we will be playing the following engagements:

Darkspace 2 – Saturday Feb 4th, Darkroom, Christchurch
Nostalgia Festival – Saturday March 4th, Ferrymead Heritage Park.
Newtown Festival – Sunday March 5th, Newtown, Wellington.

And we also have t-shirts again! For those who missed out on the first run of Salad Boys t-shirts we have some new ones, which you can viddy and buy here, and here is a like picture of Your Humble Narrator wearing one below:


What else? Well, we are planning a Salad Boys tour of New Zealand for late Feb/early March, which will include the above engagements and some other spots in the North, and a bit further down the line another tour of the US, but more on those things later… In the meantime, until I write again, please enjoy this fantastic audio reading of the wonderful A Clockwork Orange, ciao!